Renewable energy tackles climate change.

Innovative clean energy systems are the way to reduce global carbon emissions.
Renewable energy
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    Solar Power

    We provide photovoltaic (PV) and hybrid solar solutions for a wide range of purposes, including residential, commercial and industrial scale installations.
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    Wind Energy

    Our wind energy turbines can be installed in both offshore and onshore locations to provide a sustainable source of proven renewable energy.
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    Geothermal Energy

    Our geothermal energy team continues to develop location specific geothermal solutions which harness the earth’s heat to provide a constant supply of clean energy.
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    Battery Storage

    Our energy storage systems utilise tracking through a remote and centralized monitoring system, whilst ensuring a stable supply of power to make operations more efficient.

Circular Carbon Neutral Energy Systems

Cogeneration systems are an efficient way to power greenhouses. They create electricty, heat and the desired amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) required in greenhouse operations. In locations where renewable energy is difficult to produce, and where CO₂ as an operating ingredient is not available, cogeneration and mobile power systems provide a solution.
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    Combined Heat and Power

    Our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems can be used in greenhouses that require electrical output, CO₂ and heat as key operating elements to ensure optimal food production yields in a carbon-neutral environment.
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    Mobile Power

    Our mobile power solution provides flexibility for companies wanting to transition from fossil fuel dependant power to renewable energy powered systems, and can also be configured to achieve carbon neutrality.

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