We believe in emission-free shipping.

Clean marine transportation is the way to decarbonise the maritime sector.
Clean Shipping

The Importance of Clean Maritime Shipping

The maritime sector plays a huge role both regionally and internationally, as it is responsible for transporting a vast array of goods and produce around the world. We also depend on this industry for the replenishing of local shelves. Unfortunately, conventional maritime methods rely heavily on fossil fuels. This dependency produces excessive carbon emissions that continue to have a harmful impact on our planet.

Together with world-renowned naval architects and industry leading shipbuilders, we are working on a carbon-zero cargo vessel design for production. Our ships will be powered by Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) and innovative technologies that will help decarbonise the maritime industry.

Our Goals

  • Help Decarbonise the Maritime Sector
  • Preserve The Climate
  • Build Carbon Zero Sailing Cargo Vessels