Sustainable agriculture is the way of the future.

Providing access to sufficient, high quality food ensures food security.
Sustainable agriculture
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    Regenerative Farming

    Our soil-based regenerative farming produces fresh organic produce. We tackle climate change by focusing on agroforestry. By increasing soil fertility, biodiversity and water retention in our agricultural practices, we also ensure the best quality and optimal yields.
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    Hydroponic Greenhouses

    We provide an integrated design for modern, climate resistant engineered greenhouses made from glass. Our greenhouses include advanced climate control and harvesting systems in which we grow fresh fruit and vegetables.
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    Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

    Our NFT technology based greenhouses focus on growing high quality, pesticide-free leafy greens, lettuces, brassicas and herbs in an automated environment.
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    Vertical Farming

    Our vertical growing tower solution produces food in vertically stacked layers. Each layer has its own micro-climate and uses cutting-edge light technology to produce micro-greens and herbs.
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    Containerised Farming

    Our containerised food growing solution is ideal for urban areas and in locations where land is scarce. We use specialized grow lights in portable containers to grow food in a plug-and-play system.
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    Algae Production

    Algae is a versatile product that has many uses. Our algae manufacturing technology can produce biodiesel, astaxanthin, chlorella, spirulina and high quality culinary oil.
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    Digitilisation and Traceability

    With our partner, Producers Market, we provide traceability, tracking and sales of outputs to local, regional and international markets. We
    measure and validate operational impacts with blockchain technology for public reporting and consumer marketing purposes.
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    Data Collection and Remote Sensing

    By integrating sensors and innovative learning technologies into our food production systems, we collect data on growth cycles and on the growing environment to observe crop quality and to optimize yields.
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    Digital Extension & Community Engagement

    With our partner, Kuza, we provide digital extension services via youth agripreneurs. Our youth agripreneurs manage rural farmer networks that have no/limited access to digital technologies and secondary markets, educating them also in the use of disruptive agricultural technologies (DAT) that support their livelihoods.

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